MICRO MACRO - A Cosmic Coincidence!

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Steve Fearson's Micro Macro is a direct and hard-hitting card trick that's effortless to perform.

Two decks of cards are displayed as a representation of our micro-macro cosmic universe. One is large, the other is exactly the same but small.

One of the larger cards is held face down, it's identity unknown.

The spectator is asked to deal cards off of the small deck one at a time, onto the larger card.  They are free to stop at any time, ensuring a random choice.

When they do stop, there is one small card (micro) and one large card (macro).

As a distinct reflection of the macro-micro cosmic structure of our universe, the small and large cards are slowly and deftly turned over to reveal that they are the same value and suit, in the same space, albeit different sizes. There is no funny business here... this is REAL MAGIC!


No Forcing - They are free to stop at any card

No Sleight of Hand - The gimmick does the work

Can be Repeated! - With a different card each time

All cards can be shown to be different. They deal from a deck of 52 ordinary cards. They decide when to stop. ALL cards before and after the one they stopped on can be shown, to prove it was truly a free selection.

MICRO-MACRO is a real gem. An astonishing effect with a fascinating presentation involving the true structure of our universe, synchronicity and coincidence that you will want to have with you all the time.

It utilizes an ingenious gimmick that is actually in FULL VIEW during the performance. You could say it's hidden in PLAIN SIGHT!

You can do it close up with a regular size deck and a mini deck (available most anywhere), or do it on STAGE with a jumbo deck and a regular size deck. It's up to you! 

Everything is explained in detail on DVD for easy learning.


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