Mask Up - Visual Appearing Mask!

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Forgot your mask? That's not a problem when you can do magic.

Steve Fearson creates magic for the biggest names on stage and tv, now he's got something that anyone can use to inject some magic into your life and brighten everyone's day. 

We all know the feeling, you're about to walk in and you forgot your mask. 

But you've got it covered. Reach out, SNAP your fingers and a mask appears INSTANTLY at your fingertips! 

Carry a mask in your pocket and you can do this at the drop of a hat. All you need is the opportunity. 

The best magic happens in the moment, not on a stage. Imagine the impact this will have on the people around you when they hear you say, Darn it! I forgot my mask. Everyone looks and when you snap your fingers that mask just appears. If you're able to make a mask appear for someone else who forgot theirs... Well, that's really magic isn't it?

Mask appears in full view. No secret something or special hard to find extra thing needed to make it work. All you need is a disposable face mask and you'll be doing this in minutes after watching the video and learning the secret. 

This trick was developed by a pro but anyone can do it. But be careful, if you've never done magic before your friends may get scared. Because this looks like real magic.

Mask appears in full view!

"After I made the mask appear the store employees were so impressed they let me go in without it! Thanks Steve!"  - Auntie Masker

"It's great but now all my friends are forgetting their masks on purpose." - Iris V

"People are loving this, I'm so glad the mandates got extended!" - Imas Heep

"I used to get upset when I forget my mask. Now I can't wait to forget it!" - J Brandon

Mask Up is delivered instantly by download.


Private labeled with full distribution rights for a one time fee of $150