ZENITH - Rising Sharpie

  • Model: ZENITH

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New design  features a feather-light Sharpie for improved performance!

The principle is ancient. The prop is as modern as it gets.

A Sharpie marker laid on your palm slowly RISES until it's standing on end! It stands there, defying gravity for a moment and then slowly DECENDS!

Based on a time tested and proven principle dating back to the Indian Fakirs, Steve Fearson has redesigned the Zenith Pencil gimmick and integrated it into a Sharpie.

We're so confident you'll be impressed with the new design, we'll even show you the gimmick before you buy. Take a good look at this picture:

(click to zoom)

That's a close up, unretouched photo of the gimmick. Can't see it?

EXACTLY. The gimmick is virtually INVISIBLE. The pen can be used as a normal pen, you'll almost forget the gimmick is there. But it is there. When you need it.

  • No Threads
  • No Wires
  • No Magnets
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Lighting Restrictions
  • Nothing to reset or replace.

These are just a few of the things that make Zenith one of the most practical levitation/suspension effects you can perform.

The effect also lends itself to some risque' humor should you decide to go that route. Use it as a lie detector. Or a hottie detector. With a little imagination you can get a lot of milage out of this nifty prop.

This effect can be combined with G-Sharp, the Balancing Sharpie to create a truly baffling routine.

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