PIERCED - Pin Thru Hand

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Pierced is shock magic at it's finest. Here's the effect:

A stick pin is displayed. The pin is about 2 inches long and is a common type of pin used in sewing. You offer to demonstrate the newest trend in piercings, as you position the tip of the pin against your hand.

The pin is then clearly and fairly pushed directly into the back of your hand. Your spectator can see the pin going deeper and deeper into the flesh.

You ask the spectator if they can see the pin exit the other side and they respond with a bewildered, "Yes!"

They see that the pin has completely penetrated the hand from the back to the front!



Pierced magic trick Pierced Magic Trick Pierced magic trick


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Now you ask your most daring spectator to grip the pin with you and hold it steady. They do, and when they're least expecting it you suddenly YANK the pin out of your hand!


The illusion is shockingly perfect, and perfectly shocking.

PLEASE NOTE: The pin does not actually pass through your hand. It is a perfect illusion made possible by a precision crafted gimmick.

You receive the special gimmick and everything you need to perform. You will also receive access to an online training video featuring Steve Fearson.


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