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Thread reels are all about convenience. Of course the most convenient place to carry one is in your pocket but it wasn't always the most practical place, until now. Introducing the Pocket Rocket, a precision designed thread guidance gadget from Steve Fearson.

The Pocket Rocket improves the performance of your reel and makes it easier to use by adding a thread guidance system that secures the reel inside your pocket while keeping the end of your thread in the perfect position to access when you need it. You can use it with confidence in close up situations, the only thing the audience can see is the tip of a genuine Sharpie marker cap barely poking out of your pocket.

Grabbing the ball of goo has never been so easy, it just looks like you adjusted the marker in your pocket. Check out the video.

You can even set up right in front of the audience, switching in your reel for a Sharpie that was already in your pocket. If you have a favorite color the cap comes off an can be replaced with the color of your choice.

  • Keeps thread at your fingertips, no fumbling!
  • Works in tight pockets and denim jeans!
  • No increase in tension, smooth-as-silk operation!

  • You'll like knowing that when you're ready to perform, so is your thread. It will be in the same exact spot, every single time. In the case of the ITR, the reel is suspended at the perfect angle inside the pocket where it won't interfere with other items.

    Always be prepared for liftoff. Get yours now!  
    (reel not included)

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